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Fires: Use your fire extinguisher! If necessary, call 911.
Floods: If water is pouring out of any faucet or pipe, turn off the main before calling us. The main is the water valve closest to your water meter.

Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5 PM call: Office at 715.831.2106
Evenings and weekends call:John at 715.559.1992 or Dave at 715.559.1994

General Tips to Try Before Requesting Maintenance

If an electrical appliance isn't working...
1. Make sure it's plugged in.
2. Has the circuit breaker tripped?
3. Try pushing the reset button on the GFCI outlet.
Note: This also works for bathroom fans at Robin Meadows. The GFCI reset button on the garage
outlet is the one that controls the others and the fans.

If an outlet doesn't work...
It may work on a switch. Try plugging something
into it and flipping your light switch on the wall.
If it still doesn't work, check your circuit breakers.

If the garage door doesn't work with opener...
1. Push button inside garage. If that works, it's most likely the batteries in the remote that need replacing.
2. If the button doesn't work, make sure the lights are green on the eyes (located near the bottom of the rails on either side of the garage door). If they are misaligned, the lights will not be green and the garage door will not go down. You can try moving one or the other until both eyes are green.
3. If something is blocking the eyes this will also prohibit the operation of the garage door.

If there's a leak in your plumbing...
Be sure to put something under it to catch the water until maintenance can fix it.

If your toilet doesn't flush...
You can use a bucket of cold water to flush it until maintenance can get there to fix it.
Caution: Use only cold water. Hot or warm water
can crack the toilet.

If your toilet seems to run or flushes automatically... There is something wrong. Be sure to report it. It may be costing you extra money.

If there is no hot water...
Check your circuit breaker to make sure it hasn't tripped. If that's not the problem, call maintenance.

If your locks seem sticky...
Is it hard to insert your key? Don't force it. Call
maintenance before you break a key in the lock.

Request Non-emergency Maintenance

We have a full-time, professional maintenance staff with over 25 years experience with our Eau Claire and Menomonie apartment rentals. Maintenance requests are addressed promptly within a day or two, and staff is always on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for maintenance emergencies.

Fill out the following form to make a maintenance request.


Maintenance Request:

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